عبارات قصيرة عن اليوم الوطني السعودي 91

People deal with the most beautiful short phrases about the 91st Saudi National Day, in addition to the most beautiful messages and words of congratulations on that distinguished national occasion that is celebrated by all Saudis along the Saudi borders, lands and cities. And weakness to the stage of safety, work and institution-building. Through the reference website, the honorable Saudi visitor can learn about beautiful and short phrases about the National Day and the most beautiful phrases about the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its 91st session.

About Saudi National Day 1443

The Saudi National Day is the day on which the fruits of sacrifices were reaped after they continued for thirty years of wars, struggle and courage. It is the day on which the founding King Abdul Aziz Al Saud announced the end of the war phase and the beginning of the phase of reconstruction and peace, building the state, society and the Saudi man, where the unification of the country was announced. And moving it from the Sultanate of Najd and its scattered annexes to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and that was on the 23rd of September 1932, a happy celebration.[1]

Since that date, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has worked to perpetuate this memory and those sacrifices that drew the features of the stability that the country is experiencing today with its blood and its steadfastness in the face of colonial campaigns, the mandate countries and others. Saudi Arabia Despite the many colonial countries waiting for them, and who sought with all their energies to reach us this country safe and stable as it is today, the National Day is the trust of the grandparents in the hands of the Saudi grandchildren.

National Day distributions ready for printing 1443

Short phrases about Saudi National Day 91

People in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia address the most beautiful short phrases about the Saudi National Day in celebration of that great and immortal memory in the soul of every Saudi person. Among these phrases are the following:

  • The National Day of my country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is the day of the birth of identity and identification of belonging. It is the day with which the love we exchange for our country is renewed and exchanged. Happy New Year, my country.
  • Ninety-one years have passed since that great occasion, and ninety-one years have passed since the memory we carry in our hearts to narrate to our children, so that we will be the best successor to the best predecessor, God willing. Happy New Year, my country.
  • My dear country, which we have loved since weaning, happy new year on the occasion of your national day, bring it back to us with goodness and wellness and honor us for what is good for the country, servants and all people.
  • May God bless everyone who sacrificed and planned. May God reward everyone who fought, struggled and martyred in order for us, the sons of Saudi Arabia, to enjoy this safety. May God have mercy on the brave ancestors and place them in the great heavens.
  • Here it is adorned with green, my country that I love every day, every year you are good, country of pride and pride, every year we are your children loyal to the wounds of their fathers and grandfathers, and we pledge to continue as they were.
  • The country of courage and determination is ninety-one years of dreaming, and it continues to amaze us with victories. Praise be to God who chose this country for us, and praise be to God who chose us for this country.

A very short essay on the Saudi National Day in English with translation

The most beautiful phrases about National Day written 1443

The streets and squares on the Saudi National Day are adorned with the most beautiful words and phrases of the identity of the National Day and the slogans of this blessed day, which brings joy and happiness to all citizens, and what is said among the people:

  • It is the ninety-first national day. It is the land of glory, honor and pride. Every Saudi citizen has the right to feel the glory that this country gives us.
  • Happy New Year, my country. The letters of your name were not only written on paper, but we have engraved them and engraved them in our hearts since that day. Our kingdom is our pride and pride after God. Happy New Year.
  • The National Day for those who do not know, is the real day on which our country was placed on the path of prosperity and development. He has all the credit, after God, for what we are now in of civilization and progress.
  • Oh God, on this blessed day that we love, protect our honorable leaders and help them over themselves so that they may be the best predecessors for the best successors, for their ancestors were based on unity and took good care of our interests.
  • The 91st Saudi National Day is a dear occasion to ask for mercy and forgiveness, read Al-Fatihah and the Noble Qur’an, thank God for that blessing, and seek mercy for the souls who fought the best fight in order to build the glory of this nation.
  • It is the countries that line up behind the banner of monotheism, there is no god but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God, so how can we not be proud and how can we not feel the ecstasy of glory and happiness, Happy New Year.

Offers for the 91st Saudi National Day for the year 1443-2021

Short and beautiful phrases about Saudi National Day 91

The Saudi National Day is a great occasion that people take with joy and happiness, and in the best short and beautiful phrases based on summarizing the details of belonging and pride in this beautiful national bond, and among those phrases:

  • The National Day is the joy of the authentic Saudi. It is a great scenario that proves that a person is able to achieve his great dreams if he seeks help from God, and then comes out with all the courage to face those dreams.
  • To you, O great homeland, I send peace, to you, all love, story and safety, to you all places I say, Happy New Year, my dear country, O source of pride, loftiness and vigor that resides in my heart.
  • Reaching great dreams requires patience and determination, lessons from the two days of the Saudi National Day, every year and you, my country, are good, every year and you, my people, are a million good.
  • The National Day is the day of glory and the day of adopting the banner of monotheism to vanish with it all differences and matters that give rise to division. It is the day of our feast and our birth again.
  • The National Day of my country is a memory that we will teach our sons and daughters to be worthy to follow up on those championships and successes. It is the heroic men who are remembered by history and their country.
  • Glory, all glory to the great nations that seek the comfort and well-being of their people, and here we are in Saudi Arabia, we thank God day and night for the blessing of this nation.

Questions about the 91st Saudi National Day with answers

Phrases of love for the homeland on Saudi Day 91

The love of the Saudi homeland is not limited to one day, but overflows on the National Day to dominate all other feelings. The instinct of the Saudi citizen’s belonging to his country is high and high, and what is said on the National Day:

  • My country is the jewel of the East, Cordoba, glory and Islam. How proud we are that we are worthy of it, even if it is a country for us, and as the honorable kings said yes (it is our home).
  • On the National Day, feelings of love overflow from my heart and flow into the soil of the homeland. I feel very proud and proud of my belonging to the kingdom of glory and honor, the kingdom of honorable elders who love the country as much as they love their children.
  • Here we were born, here we were raised, and here we received the first letters and words. On the soil of this country, we learned Surat Al-Fatihah to be the beginning of our journey with the life of the Qur’an. Every year, you are the goodness that surrounds us, my country. Happy New Year.
  • If one day that country needed my life, I would never again ignore its call. It is my country and the home I seek refuge in after my fear. It is the land of Islam and I accepted them. Happy New Year, our dear Saudi Arabia.
  • How proud we are that God made us worthy of the home of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him.

A poem about the Saudi National Day for Children 1443

Short posts for Facebook about National Day 91

Various social media sites are adorned on the occasion of the Saudi National Day, including the Facebook and Twitter platforms, where the Saudis are keen to show joy on the day of Eid, and it is said:

  • The first post:
    • In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, and praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds. Happy New Year, my dear loved ones, on the occasion of the National Day of my country, Saudi Arabia, the holiday with which my soul, my affiliation and my patriotism are renewed.
  • The second post:
    • Great whiffs fly us through that day to hundreds of battles and great epics that were the price of the day of unity, thousands of conspiracies and difficulties that besiege that hope, but the grandparents were worthy of that heavy load, may God reward them on our behalf.
  • The third post:
    • When I say the National Day, I feel the joy that flows with blood from the bottom of my feet to the top of the body. How great are the kings who sought, fought and fought in order to announce this moment. It has the voice of your book and your law is established.
  • Fourth post:
    • My country’s Eid is a lesson in patriotism and steadfastness, a lesson that we must all benefit from. The National Day is based on the idea of ​​cooperation and fraternity to build any great foundation.
  • Fifth post:
    • The memory of the National Day, my beloved, is the memory of building that real history with which the country’s prosperity began, and prosperity transcended the idea of ​​the economy, industry and trade, but was named high to the prosperity of the Saudi mind and human being. From the depths of the sand, Happy New Year, my beloved compatriots.
  • Sixth post:
    • The Saudi National Day in its ninety-first session is the trust of the ancestors that God has placed in our hands, it is a lesson from God to ask us whether we are worthy to preserve that trust or not, so do not be stingy in praying and do not skimp on your country, Happy New Year.

Saudi National Day Manuscript 91

Pictures and slogans of the Saudi National Day 91

Many citizens are keen to decorate their personal accounts on social networking sites with the most beautiful pictures of the National Day for the year 1443 AH, in order to announce joy and show joy and pleasure. From these pictures, we chose the following package for you:

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Phrases for the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for King Salman

His Highness King Salman bin Abdulaziz enjoys a special place in the hearts of all Saudis, as he is the King who put the comfort, safety, safety and welfare of the Saudi citizen as a ceiling for his dreams. Citizens are keen to narrate it in their poems and phrases.

  • King Salman is the successor of glory and pride, and he is the man who holds my heart in his hand. Happy New Year, my lord and protector, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.
  • The National Day is the occasion for the Saudi to redirect the love in his heart again, as it is the date on which the homeland and the king share the love of people, and with that occasion I ask God to King Salman and the country for all preservation, safety and wellness.
  • On the day of the country’s holiday, we must celebrate its king and its crown, it is the king who stayed up nights to preserve our prestige before the nations, so we have the right to be proud of you, my lord the king, happy new year.
  • Words fail to describe the extent of my love for King Salman and his Crown Prince, who is close to my heart as a brother. Every year, you are closer to people’s hearts, and to God’s obedience I desire.
  • My love for my king and my ruler increases the more I think that he is the grandson of that man who unified the court and united the people on the banner of there is no god but God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God, so every year and you are fine, sir.
  • May God bless the steps and may God preserve the wellness and health of these heroic men. We are not satisfied with celebrating the past, but rather we make our children celebrations for the future. The owners of Vision 2030 are the owners of my heart. Happy New Year.

Drawings about the National Day in pencil 1443

Poems on the Saudi National Day

Many Saudi poets expressed their joy on the occasion of the National Day, which had the credit and the main role in putting the country on the path of stability. Among these poems we list the following verses:

The poem of Sheikh Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al-Wafi

The poet expressed his pride in belonging to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and portrayed an important number of scenes of glory and honor in it, and in this we list the following verses for you:

The banner of Islam with glory is victorious… and the state of monotheism in the shadows of its leader in my homeland, the stars of his prophet rose… and the faithful were martyred in Hama

My soul and what I own is not owned for my ransom… My beloved country, and do I love anyone else, O country that is blessed with goodness… No one denies and denies your efforts.

I have a homeland that I did not sell… and that I do not see anyone but me as the owner of the eternity. Oh, you are in the pulpit of glory, a sanctuary… I got it from the aftermath of trouble and misfortunes

God is the first and your honor, O homeland, is the second… To the people of the island, peace and obedience to the king, a cry that reminded you of a day and a promised day… for the sake of loyalty to your shepherd, fulfilling the promises

Prince Khaled Al-Faisal’s poem

His Highness Prince Khalid Al-Faisal expressed the necessity of pride and pride in belonging to Saudi Arabia with all its manifestations, and on the day of the National Day, his famous poem was written, in which he said:

Raise your head, you are Saudi… Your kindness has crossed all my limits

The owner of a similar (n) in the world… Others lack and you provide

Persia and your ancestors are Knights… and you have become a guard for the house of God

Infused with glory and planted … in the field of glory, my witness

Your knowledge is Ghanem and your neighbor is Salem… He is afraid of your unjust prestige

A shepherd’s continual affliction and pain… a sword, a heart, and an act of zenodi

National Day phrases in English with translation

Words and phrases about the National Day of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 91

The most beautiful words and phrases about the National Day in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are discussed due to the importance of that occasion and the national flavor it carries for every Saudi citizen, and what has been said:

  • It is the National Day, not only of joy, but a day that renews the covenant and responsibility before God and our brave ancestors in preserving the faithfulness that they bequeathed us.
  • The country and the streets are adorned with the flag of my country, which I love and desire, so hearts are adorned with the breezes of safety and happiness in its proximity, for God preserve our green flag and our country is always green.
  • The Saudi National Day is a great occasion for every tired or sad citizen, as it is the positive energy that proves to us that dreams are always possible.
  • It is the day of the Saudi human being first, not the day of stones and dirt. Every year and the sons of the Saudi people are fine. Without them all, the country would not have flourished and developed.
  • The Saudi National Day is evidence of the importance of the human being in the life of the country, which is what our wise leaders strive for. Investing the mind is the best investment, may God protect our kings and rulers.
  • A great occasion that deserves for us to gather on its favour, no matter what our passions or circumstances separate us, for the homeland is the roof we meet on our love and belonging to it.

Here we bring you to the end of the article in which we dealt with short phrases about the 91st Saudi National Day and moved through its lines and paragraphs to define the Saudi National Day and the most beautiful short phrases about the Saudi National Day, then poetry and poems about the 91st National Day, to finally conclude with the most beautiful words about the National Day 2021 AD.


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